Tuesday, November 08, 2016

T here Will Be Riots In The Streets

Hello, YN!
Just found your message in my Junk folder.  Don’t know why it landed there.
We just went to vote.  We = Monica + Max, Karli and me were observers, Leo is still sleeping.
Many New Yorkers are panicking at the idea of Trump in the White House. Everybody says America will be different tomorrow morning, for whether Trump wins or not, there will be riots in the streets.
I remember a lunch with you and Claude Régy many years ago, when you were saying that people are too concerned with politics.  Today I agree with you, and we’ve been trying to ignore this circus as much as possible.  I’m glad it’s finally over.
Normandy looks beautiful in the autumn.  Sunshine, beach, books, what could be better?  I hope you’re well.  I tried to write to you, back when you were in Spain, but the messages bounced back.  I am happy to hear from you, mon frère!
Je t’embrasse,



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