Monday, July 24, 2017

S ummary

Oh, great to have News from you, my precious among the precious ! 
Yes, summer is always a good time for me. Too short… 
I was recently in the Alps, than Marseille, than seeing Balibar in the Castorf's last show (great) in Avignon, during that time living in a castle near Avignon, where we discovered that Molière met Madeleine Béjart (that role played by Jeanne !) and now Paris (in summer — until the 15th of August : marvelous : nobody ! and people who stay are very kind, sexy), tomorrow Brittany, near Brest, family, than again Paris between the 1st and de 8th of August because I love that — would you come ? — and Corsica and Alps again with friends — would you come ? —… You see I don’t work a lot… Reading poetry, history… Alone in love. This is the summery. 
To do something in the theater of your father : YES ! Absolutely. Could be great. I’m sure. You can go up and plan !



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