Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7th Game : 1960 Series

—for Joel—

Nice day,
sweet October afternoon
Men walk the sun-shot avenues,
                                                     Second, Third, eyes
                                                     intent elsewhere
ears communing with transistors in shirt pockets
                                    Bars are full, quiet,
discussion during commercials
Pirates lead New York 4-1, top of the 6th, 2
Yankees on base,    1 man out

What a nice day for all this  !
Handsome women, even
dreamy jailbait, walk
                                      nearly neglected  :
men’s eyes are blank
their thoughts are all in Pittsburgh

Last half of the 9th, the score tied 9-all,
Mazeroski leads off for the Pirates
The 2nd pitch he simply, sweetly
belts it clean over the left-field wall

Blocks of afternoon
acres of afternoon
Pennsylvania Turnpikes of afternoon  .  One
                                    diamond stretches out in the sun
                                                     the 3rd base line
                                    and what men come down

                                    The final score, 10-9

Yanquis, come home

(Paul Blackburn.)


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