Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photographies de Marc Domage. Oh, pas d'femme, pas d'cri (Kate Moran).


« Vous êtes fabuleux, incroyable »

C’est tous les endroits
Les plus beaux du monde
Où les gens habitent
Sur leur lieux de travail


Oui, Jennifer, je te
Saisis, je te seize

Save the clock tower


Des moyens énormes
Et souples

Perdu mon jour

Des gens intelligents
Qui n’y comprennent
(Impressionnés par l’art
Et la vitesse
Du temps)

Des masques et des
Le temps de la vitesse
Bizarre… bizarre…
Manquait plus qu’ça !



Qu’est-ce qui se passe
Qu’est-ce qui est filmé ?

Il revient dans le
Temps il rentre dans
Le platane mais
Le traverse

À l’inverse les sales
Gamins se jettent sur
Les voitures

Une vieille anémie
De 1955

C’est bien votre nom ?
Pierre Cardin ? c’est
Marqué partout sur
Vos sous-vêtements

Lauren, on l’appelle

Le gamin était en slip

Papa nous a fait une sur

Il fréquente sa mère

Et qui est le vice-président ?
Jerry Lewis !

Une vieille machine,
C’est une voiture immer

Verdure de cendre
La démarche adoptée

L’éléphant particulier

Les tables pour la cafétéria
Sont les grandes tables
Marrons autour

Des images qui (…)
En c’moment

Il y a beaucoup de
Touristes à Paris

Un professeur
Américain qui est
Mort il y a pas
Très longtemps et
Qui aurait écrit
Un livre

Des journalistes et des

La naissance est le fruit d’un tel hasard !

YNG, Paris,26juil8.



Photographies de Marc Domage. Oh, pas d'femme, pas d'cri (Thomas Scimeca).


Antonija Livingstone + Antonia Baehr

De :
Objet : Rép : agenda
Date : 12 avril 2007 15:19:27 HAEC
À :

dear beauty,
i am in a german cemetary doing a photo shoot now...
i am in paris this weekend...
then oklahoma..
great news from you,
lets meet in paris and i can propose to you something
terrible and specific..

--- yves-noël genod wrote:

Musée Zadkine, jeudi 26 avril, 19h
100 bis, rue d'Assas, métro Port Royal, Vavin
Yves-Noël Genod chante l'amour

De :
Objet : xx
Date : 27 avril 2007 23:03:38 HAEC
À :

dear princess
thinking of you
drinking all the eve
with jonathan c
here in ghent::
lets speak soon
about adventure
travel and swedish orgy possibilities::

--- yves-noël genod wrote:

Saw Laurent Vinauger at lunch. It works for november at Belfort !
Isn't that great ?
Very kind, very kind Laurent...
I'll do another show in the attic... It will be
extraordinary... I'm
so happy !

So one thing with you, already...
No, the second, I've also decided to go to New York
in february...



De :
Objet : Rép : rememnovember
Date : 5 mai 2007 03:58:24 HAEC
À :

we miss you terribly
we are here with the monarchy mama
who has 9 big juicy tits flowing vodka for us to suck...
our film maker lady who was working with us in oklahoma..
we wish you were there too
but you would have been lynched..

we love you in the attic
we love you in sweden
you must call me
and we figure out your escape to the magic island !!!

001 5145165454
they await you and need you to help with laughter rejuvenation
and cooking
ssoon ssoon!
oh and i didnt want to jump on your bed
only wear your clothes
the little wolf boy is always the best place to stay for me in gay paris..
the most freee..
call me darling!

-- yves-noël genod wrote:

VOILÀ. I have a ticket to Stockholm may the next 16th, come back the 30, 2 weeks. (by Air France) arriving : Arlanda, Stockholm, Suède

after that, I didn't even notice the name of the island...
only : Angela

mais pas le quai où les bateaux vont, sorry, et demander aux gens je ne sais quoi que tout le monde connaît
j'ai noté : station centrale, Stockholm ? subway ? train ?

need some writing help, you see
be kind...
but I'm so happy to have bought my ticket in this just a bit sad evening in Paris (Sarkozy elected)

It was, also for this reason, nice to have your voice in the Nouveau Monde earlier


Le 7 mai 07 à 23:54, antonija livingstone a écrit :

you always say
ca va
but we knew you were depressed
even if you are in love
will you take your love to sweden too..
or find a new one in your work on the island...

you will go into to central station
and then towards
the grand hotel
is the name of the quai
the island is called
norra tynningo
which is in the mellan skarsgard
middle archipelago.
this boat ride is fantastic..
do not miss it.
you can take the bus which is ok
but not so beautiful
do not bring lots of stuff

beacuse you have to go off at norra tynningo and
walk 5 minutes down a dirt road to the house
the house is obvious
my little cabin is red with a green door
and on the side
this is your room
i will tell you more soon
you must be in contact with angela
for when you arrive
but she is super busy rehearsing her cowboy circus
show out there all the time...
look out!!
we squish you and kiss you
and look forward to more strange
guest host contracts...
we send you a letter

My love won't come to Sweden, too late for her to plan...

Depression, you say, that's right. Some psychiatrists told me it will be like that all my life. So : JE M'EN FOUS. We tried some medecine, for a time, but it didn't work at all (some funny things with the secondary effects...) So : ça va ! When I'm working, I am totally happy (or I don't feel the contrary). When I stop working, sometimes I know that I have to do something against that kind of thing that some other people don't have to do. L'effort. When I'm in love it's wonderful and fragile... etc. etc. I sometimes did some performances with this theme...

Thank you for the little guide. Two questions : is there electricty somewhere near the house (if not I don't take my computer) ? And where can I find the provisions ? Shall I have to take with me from Stockholm or from another island ? Shall I have to take with me something to sleep ?

I'm so "dreamer" to go there... Thank you !

Than some other thing :

I come back from Avignon where I rented some nice places to live in July. So, I can now officially propose to you to come and play with me in Avignon (festival) this July. Would be so great ! It is suposed to be (in the context) a solo of myself (actually, "directed" by another "autor" but it doesn't work like that when it's good) about the theme of course of "la rencontre". The meaning is the meeting. Bref. Good. I have some others theme too. The plants, the green, grass, weeds... Ok. So, you come and you'll be on stage with me whatever you have to do or feel... Sure. if you are on stage with me, it'll work, no ? Obviously. Easy. Pleasure. Whatever happened, don't you think ?

Blablabla, a lot of things can be said. I think of you. The important thing is that you should come !!! Darling... Hope so.

It is supposed to be 30 minutes. Can be a little bit more. It plays during daylight, out, at 6 pm. Maybe a child (the one you know) will be with us. There's money, not a lot as usual, but enough to eat and to be paid when we'll be playing, 8 times : 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. July. The title is : La descendance, as you already know. I'll be in Avignon from the 11th (possibly to stay until the 26th morning). Will you come ?

I remember you are still somewhere in France the 12.
Could you join me as soon as you can ?

All the best, chérie


De :
Objet : bettr
Date : 13 mai 2007 05:57:36 HAEC
À :

such an incredible day here in montreal!!
so many beautiful electric encounters of chance..
gorgeous people...
working like crazy with heather and enjoying the big challenges....
finding the best yound musicians in canada to be our chamber music ensemble...
so sexy. i always thought barber adagio was kind of melodramatic and lame...this was big food.
yes big music food instead of mental meds
and free events...

awkward humours us
need other than paris with government and attitude problems..
like swedish islands and idealists..
you will find electricity in my cabin and in the house in general
do take your computer it will be your companion
there are usually extra bed things in my cabin..
but there are extra in the upstairs middle room in the big house..
and the electric heater in my room..
i dont know what condition it is in as there have been mysterious guests fucking in there
in my absence...
i wish i could host you properly the first is usually easier for first timers....but with the usual crew you will meet and find out your ways of being there...
with angela and ruby nalle and wille : itinerant
beautiful energetic social worker/ circus worker people
very very well travelled and sincere and who laugh and make others laugh a lot. good to walk and drink and
work with.
these lovely members of my family have almost no idea of what i do professionally, and have never seen my
they are also living dual identities and mostly without irony.
the old man is excellent to study, and good to befriend, he is my adoptive father.
heiki and milvi are the old estonian couple who work very hard in the garden everyday and will try to make you help...
you should sometimes..
therese and anthony will be in and out they are the most normal but also extremely well travelled therese speaks french.
mat and del will be in and out
pelle and his various boyfriends also...
sarah : who you met in belfort and
anna karin and various girl friends...
this is the big list of possible other animals at the zoo.
but you can feel fine about being alone.
and you will probably be alone a fair bit.
when you arrive in stockholm it is a good idea to find
a supermarket in the centerstation and get a few
things for a few days..
everyone shares food there,
you will too.
when you need more
you take the little ferry boat from
norra tynningo to vaxholm- 5minutes and go to the
market in the square or the super market .consum.
this is not france you will be disappointed about market life as i am.
however, enjoy the pink rocks and small lake and
swans and purity and escapism.
you can also please visit with my darling lady
anna koch who runs the experimental dance lab in the
my dear room mate at the house
angela wand

that is all i can think of at the moment
lovely news about avignon... i will write you about that
now i go to lesbians on ecstacy and peaches making a rock opera at the biennale here in mtl...

De :
Objet : Rép : ticket : ok
Date : 27 mai 2007 19:39:43 HAEC
À :

dear mister darling!!
thanks for all your sweeet little sms fragments and
confirmations of your presence and enjoyment of
we are full full times here in montreal
happy mostly and running
looking forward to running into our performance for
looking forward to seeing you and other favorites soon
this summer...
i am in berlin from june 8-16th ish and then in uzes
for that show with laurie young..
could we possibly meet there
its only a few days but it could be a delight..
to have a reunion and storytelling
wishing you so
my phone has changed here but i will be back on my
swedish in 10 days..
now is 5146674151

--- yves-noël genod wrote:

Back in Paris. Hedvigsdal was great, I will tell you later. It's all in my heart, for a long time... I also wrote something, mostly in French...

A mail from Laurent Vinauger : it doesn't work for me to be with you in November. Too bad... He didn't say exactly why, don't know, he was enthusiastic...

Uzès ? Of course, I can come and see you. Great ! (I was thinking of that.) When, exactly ?

Avignon, still proposed !

Going now to Bordeaux for something as a reading-show. Never done that before. Don't know if it's possible... We'll see...



De :
Objet : ret urn
Date : 6 juin 2007 19:19:55 HAEC
À :

so glad for your ggood times in sweden
and bordeauxness
im in berlin tomoro letstalk on the phone soon!

De :
Objet : yes
Date : 13 juin 2007 02:17:40 HAEC
À :

oh my darling you are a beast
and thank you for putting the xxxxxxxx on the line !!!
now is the time...
i am in uzes merc- lundi
with show at 5 on dimanche
our friend esther shares the show,
would be so great to see you in the flesh and hear
your stories and
figure out the rest of our summer together

--- yves-noël genod wrote:

Dear Antonija, great you'll be there !

But, darling, you should come as soon as possible... to work with Marcus. He deserves that, you know.

Je pense à toi tous les jours is the title of my wife's book, but it
is true for us too...



De :
Objet : Rép : Je pense à toi toi toi
Date : 21 juin 2007 20:06:28 HAEC
À :

hello love
yes in deed,
oh yes in deed...
i will do my best. to be with you as soon as i can...

already i know that my presence in the piece will be controlled by an outside timer. when the timer goes off, i go off. for rehearsals i am there all the time. i will practice the song starting tomorow, i havent listened to it yet...

also i will like to practice the" william forsythe workout" from a video tape on a tv, as i am sometimes your wife in L.A. who needs to do "select" excercises to stay skinny. so i will need this for my excercise regime when i am in avignon with you and marcus and marlene... in plein air in your solo written by monsieur biduletrucmachin

--- yves-noël genod wrote:

Darling, I'm a bit worried about your time in Avignon. Now the show is done. I imagine you as an imagination, as a guest, as a poem (of Wallace Stevens). But What will you do all the time in flesh ? Drink and cry ? It is a very strange meeting I proposed you. Only your body, only your spirit and nothing to do. So just for me to say that if you decide it's better for you to go on holydays, I don't mind. I can propose you a lot of other experiments (actually two : Marseille the first week of october and Paris in december). This work is tragically peculiar. The text is (apparently) stupid, so : difficult to say. The song is worse. The images should be very kitsch. And all above it, this very short show must be perfectly succeeded or it will be a disaster !

Would you be a blonde ?

Would you do the swan, the large waterbird with a long flexible neck, short legs, webbed feet, a broad bill and tipically
all-white plumage (dictionary, beautiful language) when I say : "Exactly, darling, tu fais très bien le cygne" ?
Would you give champagne to people in the audience ?
Would you give hand to Marcus ?
Would you sing a bit on this song I have to sing ?



De :
Objet : Rép : descendance
Date : 15 juillet 2007 18:57:49 HAEC
À :

dear husband ;
AS i said on the telephone the other day dont worry and i still love you : but ; you were right, i need a break from all of these things for my blondeness and my body to be busy with and nothing for my spirit to be engaged with : and so it is with a cry of ecstacy that i i regret to inform you that i am too in love with antonia to leave her luxurious company. Here together she feeds me gives me a beautiful place to live and pays for everything : to join you in Avignon will be impossible this week : i know that the children will be disappointed and need therapy. i know some very good professionals who will be able to help. together we will do much drinking and crying and it will be a pleasure* call me when you are ready to dance together again ; either at my house or in my village.
ps new york is postponed until may
i must go and eat many cakes now
kisses to marlene and helene...
the keys to the handcuffs to marcus

The spectacle has been done in a few days. I suddenly had the possibility to work 10 days in the space au début de septembre. I asked a lot of people to come. Four of them could. And they did a fucking beautiful work !!! It's not me. I'm here for nothing (almost). It seems it's a quatuor. It seems so... Maybe what was working 10 days ago won't work next week ! (oh, it's already next week ?), but after a lot of hésitations, I prefer to sustain this possibility, the possibility that I saw one time as it was that, not something else. I have something else in Marseille the 11th (rehersal : 8,9,10 (and after in Paris : the 20th, rehersal 17, 18, 19) : a piece we will read in a kind of performance about a very very interesting world from a very young guy. If you have the possibility to be there, I'll send you the links... Its name : Blektre.

I'll try to call you later (about 12 for you).

Lot's of thinking and love as usual


De :
Objet : Rép : franglais...
Date : 26 septembre 2007 07:25:23 HAEC
À :

so glad for your news congrats on playing fellini and making the conditions for something to happen
my warm fat hugs to jonathan et marlene etc
lets just keep flirting until we find each other

you are in my dreams, well.

--- yves-noël genod wrote :

Nice to hear your voice when I just come back from Sardegna !

Where are you ?


Le 5 nov. 07 à  18:50, antonija livingstone a écrit :

mon cher old chap!!
please come be our hearty eater in belfort
19h nov 8th
we would like to exhibit your elegance
please wear light coloured clothes
you can bring your lovers and stay in the
below us.
anton et heathcliff

--- yves-noël genod wrote:

oh dear ! tempting...

I'll see. normally Julien (see picture) is coming to Paris to play with me, this particular afternoon... maybe we could go together...
I begin a new work tomorrow. I have no idea because the space is ugly, I have no space yet. so, let everything be open as it is the beginning (as I would do until the end if Icould)...

the title of my new play is : Hamlet.
you'll be perfect in it as usual...

but you know how I work : I do the minimum with what (and who) is there, already there. this time, the space is ugly, nothing there to eat. so, I am in the merde.

hope to come on Thursday



De :
Objet : Rép : holi days of the dead
Date : 7 novembre 2007 00:47:37 HNEC
À :

dear diaper genie
as you know
i am hamlet and gertrude his dead dad
all wrapped up into one
it will be ridiculous not to find a way for that
come see us with whoever you want work all day on the
train and in the apartment and then come for dinner
and talk to other friends
let me know where when and how much.
elmers glue all

Am 04.12.2007 um 12:04 schrieb yves-noël genod:

Bonjour Antonia, c'est Yves-Noël, je prépare un spectacle Hamlet et une comédienne s'est trompé dans une date, elle ne peut pas jouer le 13 décembre. Alors il faut que je la remplace. J'ai repensé à toi parce que je ne t'ai plus vue sur une annonce du spectacle de Vincent, je me suis dit que tu n'en faisais peut-être plus partie. Mais je me trompe peut-être. J'avais pensé à toi dès le début, mais renoncé à t'appeler car Antonija Livingstone m'avait dit que tu étais sur le Vincent Dupont aux mêmes dates.
Peux-tu me joindre de toute urgence par mail ou par téléphone : 06 84 60 94 58 ?

bonjour yves-noel, heureuse d'entendre de toi et du hamlet, mais malheureusement, nous ne sommes pas encore assez modernes ici : antonia baehr se partage un corps bio avec le monsieur werner hirsch, danseur pour vincent dupont. alors il y aurait quelques problèmes d'emploi du temps. puis je joue direct à bologna après. dommage dommage !
je t'embrasse


Olivier Bertrand

Je me souviens par exemple
Que j’ai pris plusieurs taxis
Ars oblivionalis
La pluie voyage par vagues
Olivier Bertrand dans les rues
De Grenoble
La manière dont il se repère

Sur la lune

YNG, Paris, 26 juil8.