Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mots anglais

Brisk (of the weather : cold but fresh and enlivening)
Dismissive (disdainful, scornful) Dismissive take on gay relationships
Dismal (gloomy, depressing, dreary)
Sleigh (traîneau)
Sleight of hand (dexterity)
Cunning (astute, antonym : honest)
Deceit (a web of deceit)
Glum (antonym : cheerful)
Lugubrious songs about lost love
All happy people are alike, to paraphrase Tolstoy, but each unhappy person is unhappy in his or her own way.
A sullen person (sulky, morose, bad-tempered)
Plummet (plunge, crash, nosedive)
Astute (antonym : stupid)
Pictures of naked men on his computer.
The minutiae of daily life
The paucity of ordinary, everyday gay character on Dexter, and the lack of any of them among the regular police supporting cast. (scarcity, antonym : abundance)

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