Wednesday, August 24, 2011

De retour

Hello, darling ! I'll be in London the 21st until the 23rd of August (just like that), will you be there ?

Yves-Noel, good timing, I just got back to London. Lets meet. Whats your schedule like? When are you free? x

Oh, sorry, I didn't look at my emails during my stay (I'm just back). But, never mind, I'll come back soon ! I love this city ! I didn't have any schedule, my favorite sport in London is to take the first bus I find, sit in front at the first level, go to the terminus of somewhere, stay a little bit and come back the other way... West, North...It certainly takes time, but I love it, watching the English way of life... I hope we'll manage to meet next time, Becky ! Kisses

Alors Londres ? ça se passe bien ? Essaie d'aller prendre un verre au Sketch, j'y ai passé de bons moments... Ne serait-ce que pour mater la faune ! 9 Conduit Street

Ah, ben, tu aurais pu me le dire avant (et, en fait, plutôt par sms), je viens de rentrer – next time ! J'adore cette ville... Kisses